StormMeister specialists in Storm Dry waterproof coatings for walls, floors, and cellars.                         Bespoke products for all waterproofing, floodproofing, and tanking requirements.

Damp-Seal Decorative Waterproofing for Internal Walls and Floors
DampSeal Waterproofing Coatings for Walls and Floors in Domestic and Industrial Applications


Our company comes with over 25 years experience in waterproofing, floodproofing, and tanking projects of all kinds. From planning to execution whether you are simply purchasing product or using our full on-site installation service our technical staff will advise and support you all the way, and more! We pride ourselves on an after-sales service second to none, so whether you are waterproofing walls, floors, or roofs, basements, cellars, or a multi storey underground car-park we have the solution. We will provide the best products at the best price for the most cost effective and reliable solution. Whatever your project, waterproofing, floodproofing, or tanking we will stick with you until the job is completed and our after-sales service is available right the way through the lifetime of the product.